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SCI Journal of Scores Open Call for Submissions

Upload Deadline: December 31, 2012, 11:59 pm EST

The Society of Composers, Inc. invites all composers to submit one work to be considered for inclusion in the next Journal of Music Scores. The Journal is an anthology of music by members of the Society and is published by European American Music, a member of the Schott Music Group. The composer retains the copyright of the music and royalties are not paid. A notice about the availability of performance material is included. Composers whose works have been represented in the SCI Journal of Scores in the last five years are not eligible. By submitting, the composer agrees to participate if their work is selected for inclusion.

Submission guidelines

Directions for uploading

Go to http://www.dropbox.com
Login: scisubmissioncoordinator@gmail.com
Password: SocietyComp1

Go to the “SCI Journal of Scores Submissions” folder

Create a new folder using the piece’s title as the folder name

In that newly created folder upload the following:

Although most of the pieces in the Journal are unpublished, we have occasionally reprinted pieces that are commercially published. If this is the case, the composer must submit a letter of permission from the publisher with the submission and make it clear that royalties or reprint fees are not paid.

Due to the large number of submissions this call garners, the contents of dropbox may occasionally be transferred to another location to allow for more space.

Any questions can be directed to Lee Hartman at scisubmissioncoordinator@gmail.com


Q. My piece utilizes graphic notation of electronics. Is that okay?
A. Pieces may be in any style, using any performance medium, as long as it falls within the formatting guidelines, it is eligible.

Q. Is it beneficial or detrimental to include a recording?
A. Of the pieces selected over the past years for inclusion in the Journal, about 50% have had recordings.  The panel focuses more on quality of the notation and the piece.

Q. How are the pieces selected to appear in the Journal?
A. A three-person panel of peer composers and new music performers from across the country critique the works independently using a 5 point scale. Those pieces that receive the highest combined scores are selected for inclusion.

Q. If I have to upload a document containing my contact information, how will the judging process be anonymous?
A. Before judging is underway, contact information sheets will be transferred to another secure folder that the judging panel will not have access to.  The panel will just receive the scores and recordings.

Q. Can I submit the same work to the SCI CD Series?
A. Yes, but you must additional follow the directions for the SCI CD Series call.  You will be uploading your document twice in such a case.  The judging panel is different for each call.