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SCI E-mail Lists

SCI maintains three electronic mailing lists for the use of its members.

scibiglist is the list of all current SCI members. Joining this list is automatic when you sign up for membership. scibiglist is used sparingly to accomodate those members who do not wish to recieve extraneous email, and is only used to communicate the most important information, such as voting, by-laws changes, meeting minutes, and other announcements of interest to members of the society as a whole.

scimembers is a general discussion list open to all members of SCI. On scimembers there are generally discussion of the craft of composition, performance announcements, contest calls for works, etc. The list has a moderate amount of traffic, but is typically very informative and is moderated to ensure that all posts are apropos to the goals of SCI. Gerald Warfield, SCI's secretary, acts as the moderator for scimembers.

Members can easily subscribe/unsubscribe to scimembers from the mySCI account area. Simply log in to your account from the mySCI navigation and choose "Edit My Account." Members of SCI can post to the scimembers listserv by sending an email to scimembers@societyofcomposers.org. Posts must be sent from the email address associated with the member's account, the same email address used to log in to mySCI.

scistudents is a mailing list specifically for student members of SCI and those interested in topics related to student composers. The list is open to all members of the society and can be joined by sending an email to Matthew McCabe, SCI's web content manager at mccabem@ufl.edu. The list is moderated by Matt and Alexander Sigman, SCI's executive committee student representative.

RSS Feeds

SCI has made available an RSS feed for viewing messages posted to all three of SCI's mailing lists. To subscribe to the RSS feeds, point your reader to the following addresses:

SCIMEMBERS Terms of Participation

General Information

The Society of Composers, Inc., provides an email list service to members titled, SCIMEMBERS. A moderated list, SCIMEMBERS provides opportunities for members to interact with fellow members through email.


SCIMEMBERS encourages lively and intellectually challenging exchanges of ideas. Members are encouraged to exchange ideas and discuss issues related to music and aesthetics, respond to threads started by other members, and to post concert announcements.

Members are encouraged to announce concerts, recording releases, and events that feature music by SCI members on SCIMEMBERS.

Participants are expected to restrict their messages to the scope of the list, to follow generally accepted principles of etiquette, and to respect the interests and rights of other participants and of the Society of Composers, Inc. At all times, members are expected to engage in professional communication always respectful of differing points of view. Participants are prohibited from posting defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal material on SCIMEMBERS. Participants who engage in such actions will be removed from SCIMEMBERS. Although SCIMEMBERS is a moderated forum, participants are solely responsible for their postings, and participants should be aware that all posts to SCIMEMBERS are not retractable. Additionally, all posts will be publicly viewable and are not confidential.

Due to the anti-spam configurations on our server, all emails including replies sent to SCIMEMBERS must be signed with a name and an email address. This is to ensure that posters to SCIMEMBERS are accurately identified.  If you wish to write an individual response to a post, please contact the author’s email address.

SCI reserves the right to block or permanently remove participants for violating the copyright of others or for any other actions that do not conform to these Terms of Participation. Punitive action is rare and generally follows warnings and persistent disregard for these Terms of Participation.

List Ownership

SCIMEMBERS is owned by the Society of Composers, Inc. The SCI Executive Committee is charged with setting policy on the list. The SCIMEMBERS moderator, reporting to the SCI Executive Committee, oversees the daily operations of SCIMEMBERS.

SCIMEMBERS moderator: Gerald Warfield secretary@societyofcomposers.org.


The opinions expressed on SCIMEMBERS do not necessarily represent those of SCI and are not endorsed by SCI.