[scimembers] Trill aux for Finale users

Don Freund dfreund at indiana.edu
Wed Feb 15 01:26:08 EST 2012

Finale users,

The only way to unmistakably indicate a trill auxiliary note is to  
place a small notehead preceded by the appropriate accidental in  
parentheses on the appropriate line or space to the right of the  
principal note of the trill. Finale's Engraver Font Set provides  
single font characters which include the combination of notehead with  
accidental and parentheses but getting these to stay in the right  
place is difficult, and ledger lines create a serious complication. I  
think I've found a time-saving reliable answer to this by creating an  
articulation library that includes 30 different articulation shapes  
covering flat, natural, and sharp auxiliary notes up to 3 ledger lines  
above and below the staff. I've also set these up as articulations  
which will automatically snap to the right place in relationship to  
the main note. I just learned that selecting an articulation (or group  
of articulations) and hitting the "clear" will make the articulation  
snap to its default position regardless of where the cursor might be  
when the the articulation is clicked into the score. The auxiliary  
articulations in the library I'm attaching have their handle positions  
set, so that when the clear key is invoked they will snap to the  
appropriate place to the right of the principal note and one diatonic  
step higher than the principal note to which the articulation is  

I'm attaching 2 articulation libraries, one each for Finale 2011 and  
Finale 2012. I think earlier versions of Finale don't support shape  
articulations. Sorry about that.
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These are articulation libraries: to use them you must go to Document  
Options and select Load Library at the bottom of the Document Options  
window. This will add these articulations to the current library of  
your file. Nothing will be removed, but these will be added to the end  
of the articulations library.

Here's how I recommend you use these once they are in the  
articulations library: Select the articulation tool and hit shift-T  
and select any of the new articulations (just to get you in the  
ballpark). When you need a particular auxiliary note, hit shift-T  
again, this time choosing whichever auxiliary you need (depending on  
the ledger lines and the accidental needed). Then depress only T (no  
shift, Sherlock) while clicking on the main note of the trill. Then,  
while the articulation is selected (if it isn't, drag a box around it  
to select it -- the handle must be purple) and hit the "clear" key.  
Viola! the auxiliary is perfectly and permanently placed. Unless you  
are staying in the staff and using the same accidental, reload using  
shift-T to select the appropriate auxiliary.

One further note: Under Document Options - Music Spacing check Avoid  
Collision of--
Articulations (it's right at the top). This will insure there are no  
collisions after the auxiliaries.

I hope it works for PC users (I'm on a Mac). Let me know.

Don Freund

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