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Join or Renew

You can join SCI or renew your membership by postal mail or online using PayPal®.


Use Paypal® to pay your SCI membership fee by choosing the appropriate "Buy Now" button below. When using Paypal® you do not need to download the application form. Please note that a $2 service charge will apply when using this option.

You don't need to have an existing Paypal® account; you can pay immediately via credit card. If you experience any difficulties, please contact Gerald Warfield.

Important Notes about Joining Online

By Mail

To join or renew by postal mail, download the Membership Application (PDF), complete the form, and enclose a check or money order for the correct amount. Use the membership form if you are joining SCI for yourself or for an institution. You may also use this form if you are renewing a current membership, although a form is unnecessary if your contact infomation remains the same.

Send your application form and membership fee to:

Society of Composers, Inc.
P.O. Box 687
Mineral Wells, TX 76068-0687 USA

Checks and money orders must be drawn in U.S. funds on a prime U.S. bank and made payable to The Society of Composers, Inc.

Membership Categories

APPLICANTS, PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft email addresses have proven unreliable. If you want to be certain you receive all SCI notices including SCION reminders and performance opportunities please use an email address other than hotmail, msn, live, or other Microsoft clients. Consider using an edu address, or if you currently have no other options, consider email services that offer free addresses (which can always be forwarded) such as gmail (Google).
Full Membership, one year, $75
Joint Membership, one year, $100
Senior Membership, one year, $35
(open to those 65 years of age or older)
Student Membership, one year, $35
Student Chapter Membership, one year, $25
(same as student membership, but only available on campuses that have an established SCI student chapter)

Important: Be sure to choose your student chapter from the menu before proceeding to PayPal.
Proxy Membership, one year $75
(Open to the widow(er), longtime companion, friend, or estate of a deceased composer)
Associate Membership, one year, $40
(Open to performers and other interested professionals)
Other Payments (CD Production Costs, Discounted Membership Dues, etc...)
Please add $2 to the price and explain details in the description area.

Paypal® is unavailable for Lifetime Membership. Please Download a Membership Form or mail Gerald Warfield if you have questions about Lifetime Membership or any other membership issues.