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2013 SCI Region IV Conference

October 17-19, 2013, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky

Call for Scores and Papers

Deadline: Scores and paper abstracts (emailed by March 15, 2013)

Fee: None for submission

Email Materials to: Thomas.Couvillon@eku.edu

Notification of Selection will be by May 15, 2013

Registration Fees: $65 SCI Members, $35 SCI Student Members

Guest performers do not need to register for the conference.

The Society of Composers, Inc., Region IV Conference will be held October 17-19, 2013 at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky.

Scores will be accepted from all composers. Selected composers must join the Society of Composers, Inc. before their work is performed (see www.societyofcomposers.org). Composers from Region IV will receive preference in score selection. Selected composers must be SCI members in good standing and attend the conference. Submissions from student composers are strongly encouraged. Submissions from composers who can supply their own performers are welcomed. Electronic/Electro-acoustic and multimedia works: Two-channel playback and video projection are available. Composers may be required to supply other equipment.

Submitted works may be of any duration, but works under 12 minutes will be given higher preference. Recordings of individual works will be available for composers after a processing period of a few weeks.

All submissions must specify the category for which they are to be considered. Composers may submit up to two scores in the following categories:

Category I: EKU Choral ensembles. University Singers (30-32 voices) and Chamber Singers (16 voices), with or without piano accompaniment.

Category II: Vocal music. Works for soprano or tenor voice(s) with piano, harpsichord and/or instrumental accompaniment.

Category III: EKU Orchestra/String Orchestra. Non-concerto works for orchestra or string orchestra with standard instrumentation.

Category IV: EKU Wind Ensemble. Non-concerto works for wind ensemble.

Category V: EKU Percussion Ensemble. Non-concerto works for multiple percussionists.

Category VI: Chamber Music. Works for all standard and non-standard chamber combinations to be performed by faculty and student ensembles. Piano, harpsichord, guitar (classical or electric) and all standard orchestral instruments available. Chamber groups available include: faculty brass quintet, faculty woodwind quintet, clarinet choir, flute ensemble, guitar ensemble, horn ensemble, jazz ensemble, saxophone ensemble, trombone ensemble, trumpet ensemble, tuba ensemble.

Category VII: Solo works. Works for solo instruments with or without accompaniment to be performed by faculty or students. Piano, harpsichord, guitar and standard orchestral instruments are available.

Category VIII: Electronic/Electro-acoustic and multimedia works: Two-channel playback and video projection are available. Composers may be required to supply other equipment.

Category IX: Composer-provided performers. Works in any medium for which the composer can provide performers. SCI and/or EKU will not provide funds for transportation, lodging, honoraria or per diem for composer-provided performers. Composer-provided performers are not required to register for the conference.

Selections will be made in consultation with ensemble directors and performers. Composers must provide all required performance materials. Eastern Kentucky University, and/or SCI will not pay rental costs or other fees relating to performance materials.

Call for Submissions: Academic Writings

SCI members are invited to submit proposals for academic presentations on any aspect of composition and/or contemporary music. Topics may include, but are not limited to: analysis, musicology, pedagogy, performance or technology. Abstracts of 300 words (maximum) with up to two pages of examples/supplementary material should be submitted in PDF or Word format as an email attachment. In the body of the email, please provide your name, institutional affiliation, SCI regional affiliation, mailing address, phone number, email address, and presentation necessities (projector, CD Player, etc.). Please submit abstracts to: Thomas.Couvillon@eku.edu.

Score Submission Procedure

Electronic submission by email (by March 1, 2013) to: Thomas.Couvillon@eku.edu

Please include the following in your email:

  1. A separate .pdf of each score, (for selected works performance materials must be available in hard-copy by June 1, 2013). No rentals, please.
  2. A separate .mp3 sound file of each work submitted.
  3. Contact information: the composerís name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, SCI Regional Affiliation, titles of works submitted with the year of composition, the category for which the work is being submitted, and the duration and instrumentation for each work. Electro-acoustic or computer works should include a list of technical requirements, making note of any equipment to be supplied by the composer.
  4. A list of performers, if they are provided by the composer