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2010 SCI Student National Conference

Call for Participation

Deadline: August 1, 2009

Deadline Type: Postmark

Entry Fee: None

Open To: Student and Student Chapter Members of SCI

The Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI) announces a Call for Participation in the 2010 SCI Student National Conference to be held March 5-6, 2010 at Marshall University, Huntington, WV (http://www.marshall.edu/music).

Student and Student Chapter Members are invited to submit:

This conference is part of Marshall’s Biennial Birke Symposium which is themed: “Giving Voice: Social Justice and the Arts.” Compositions and paper proposals that fit with theme are encouraged, though all submissions will be considered.

Score Submission Guidelines

(*60x60 submission is not counted as a score submission)

60x60 New Noise

In addition to vocal/instrumental concerts at Student National Conference, we will feature a concert(s) featuring one-minute electro-acoustic works. The 60x60 is entitled New Noise, and student composers are encouraged to submit works that fit the following criteria:


All submissions must include the following:

On a single page:

  1. Contact Information (name, phone number, email, street address)
  2. School or SCI Student Chapter affiliation
  3. Brief Biography (100 words or less)
  4. Title, Instrumentation, Duration, Technical Requirements, and Program Note.
  5. CD Recording (encouraged). CDs should be clearly labeled with the Composer’s Name and Title of Work. MIDI realizations will also be accepted.
  6. Statement confirming that the composer can provide performers (if no statement is provided the work will be submitted for consideration by local players).
  7. Statement agreeing to attend the conference should a work or works be accepted.
  8. SASE if you wish for your score to be returned.

Available Performing Resources

Any Solo or Combination from the following:

Proposal Submissions Guidelines

SCI welcomes proposals for papers or lecture recitals. Papers are limited to twenty minutes. Lecture recitals could take up to one hour. Proposals focusing on the theme: “Giving Voice: Social Justice in the Arts” are encouraged.

Proposals for papers may be sent by post or email (zanter@marshall.edu) and must include:

  1. Contact Information (name, phone number, email, street address)
  2. Brief Biography (100 words or less)
  3. Abstract of approximately 150 words. Methodology, goals and conclusions should be clearly stated. Please include a short description of your expertise or experience with the topic.
  4. Specification of any technical requirements for the presentation.

Works that are incomplete or do not include information as specified in the guidelines will not be considered.

Contact Information

Dr. Mark Zanter
Marshall University
Department of Music
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755