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2004 Region II Conference

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State University of New York
School of Performing Arts
Geneseo, New York 14454
April 9-10, 2004
Anneliese Weibel, host

Region II SCI Conference Schedule

Registration: Friday, April 9, 10am-4pm in Wadsworth Auditorium Lobby
Saturday, April 10, 10am-4pm in Wadsworth Auditorium Lobby

Concert Schedule (all the concerts take place in Wadsworth Auditorium)

Concert #1: Friday, April 9, 4pm

Pioneer X trumpet solo &emdash; Jay C. Batzner 7'45"
Chronopolis for solo flute &emdash; Franklin Cox 17'
Nightwood recorder solo &emdash; James Chaudoir 9'
No Longer a Stranger piano solo &emdash; Phillip Schroeder 8'45"
Palindromes for two violins &emdash; Paul Epstein 7'45"

Reception: Dinner at the Campus House, 6pm

Concert #2: Friday, April 9, 8pm

Gen'ei no Mai for flute and clarinet &emdash; John G. Bilotta7'30"
piece for tape &emdash; Thomas Licata 5'
lemon; birch for tape &emdash; Jerry Tabor 5'
Selected Planets 2003 multi-media &emdash; Samuel Pellman 7'
Snow of Ages for tape &emdash; Chin-Chin-Chen 8'20"
Panic;melancholy for tape &emdash; Vera Ivanova 6'
Bach Variations for alto saxophone and tape &emdash; Liviu Marinescu 7'
Trio for viola, violoncello and piano &emdash; Anneliese Weibel 15'

Concert #3: Saturday, April 10, 1:30pm

Movement IX for solo viola &emdash; Ernesto Pellegrini &emdash; 8'45"
Autumn Requiem multi-media &emdash; Priscilla and Barton McLean 25'
Strikes and Resonances for solo marimba &emdash; Jason Bahr 11'
Sonata for Trumpet and Piano &emdash; James Willey 25'

Concert #4: Saturday, April 10, 4:30pm

Sonus Dulcis for piano trio &emdash; Andrian Pertout 6'
Watercolorsfor string quartet &emdash; Ann Lathan Kerzner 14'
Synthecism #5 for piano and tape &emdash; Brian Bevelander 15'
Curvatures for amplified string quartet &emdash; Tom Lopez 10'
Nothing Forgotten for piano trio &emdash; Hilary Tann 10'

Concert #5: Saturday, April 10, 8pm

Chasin' Bill fl, cl, vl, vla, clo, pno, marimba &emdash; Michael Timpson 6'40
Nostalgia for flute solo &emdash; Grace Choi 9'
Sukhi! fl, cl, vl, clo, pno &emdash; Brian Fennelly 3-4'
Yangtze! Yangtze! fl, cl, vl, clo, pno, perc &emdash; Ping Yin 13'
Reaktionmaschine (central movement) picc, vl, vlo, pno, perc &emdash; Evan Johnson 7'
Concepts for bass clarinet &emdash; Chihchun Chi-sun Lee 7'
Platter of Discontent fl, cl, vl, clo, pno, perc &emdash; Marc Mellis 12'
Shabby Chic fl/picc, cl, vl, clo, pno, perc &emdash; James Barry 10'

Call for Scores

The Society of Composers, Inc., Region II Conference will be held April 9th and 10th, 2004, at the State University of New York Geneseo, in Geneseo, NY. Scores from all SCI members are welcome. The performers for the conference will include The Society for New Music (Syracuse), The Tremont String Quartet (Geneseo), the Geneseo Chamber Singers, the Geneseo Carol Choristers, and members of the Geneseo Wind Quintet, as well as performance faculty of SUNY Geneseo.


Works should be for one to ten performers, in any combination of: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, French Horn, Piano, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass.


The choirs are SATB (Geneseo Chamber Singers), and SSA (Geneseo Carol Choristers.

Electro-acoustic works for live electronics, acoustic soloist or ensemble and electronics, or playback alone may be submitted.

Each composer may submit up to two pieces from 3 to 30 minutes in duration. Composers providing their own performers are encouraged.

Selection process:

The scores will be selected by the conference hosts and the ensemble directors and performers. The choral compositions will be performed by students choirs, and therefore highly complex works might not get programmed.

Attendance at the conference is required of all composers whose works will be performed.

Submission must include:

Submission Deadline:

All the materials need to be received by September 30, 2003. Composers whose works have been selected will be notified by November 15.

Send Submissions to:
Anneliese Weibel
State University of New York
School of Performing Arts
Geneseo, New York 14454