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Region VIII Conference Review

University of Montana
November 20-21, 1998
Patrick Williams, host

This conference, held at The University of Montana, Missoula, marked the very first of its kind in the state's history: 12 composers, representing 10 states were featured in a series of lectures and evening concerts performed by UM faculty and student ensembles, with composer David Maslanka giving the keynote address, titled: "SOME THINGS THAT ARE TRUE-reflections on being an artist in the present age." Guest lecturers included: Brian Belet (San Jose State University, CA) on "Music Notation and Human Issues for Live Computer"; Beryl Lee Heuermann (Sunnyvale, CA) presented her Colloquium: Metallize, Liquefy, Petrify, and Electrify the Voice: Extended Vocal Techniques in the Twentieth Century; Jarrad Powell (Cornish College of The Arts, Seattle, WA) presented a lecture/demonstration on "Gamelan: Not an Instrument, but the Attitude of a Culture."

Of equal interest was a composers' forum which afforded the visiting composers and general public an opportunity to discuss a broad range of topics in the arts and humanities. Friday evening's concert presented: Fillet of Schoolbus a video/audio concert piece by Tayloe Harding (Valdosta State University, GA), Reeds Afire for clarinet and bassoon, by M.J. van Appledorn (Texas Tech University), Inquietude for solo flute, by Greg Steinke (Northern Arizona University), Dream Sequence for piano, by Charles Argersinger (Washington State University), Octet for Winds (first movement), by John Marvin (The Evergreen State College, WA), Five Shaker Lyrics for SATB choir, by Karen A. Tarlow (University of Massachusetts/Amherst), and Oklahoma Elegy for orchestra, by Randy Earles (Idaho State University).

The final event of the conference, Saturday evening's concert, featured Bluebrass Music for brass quintet, by Randy Earles, performed by the Portneuf Brass, Alta Quies (World Premiere) for baritone voice and piano, by Maurice Saylor (The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC), Memories of Things Unseen and Seen for flute, violin, clarinet and cello, by Betty R. Wishart (University of North Carolina), Go Traveling With Us (World Premiere) for voice and MIDI violin, by Lee Heuermann, [MUTE]ation for live computer performance, by Brian Belet, and Songs from Neruda for soprano, clarinet and percussion, by Patrick C. Williams (The University of Montana).

CD recordings of the concerts are available through The University of Montana Music Department. Direct requests to: Prof. Patrick C. Williams, Music Department, The University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812; tel: (406) 243-4471; willmus@selway.umt.edu.

Patrick Williams