1998 Society of Composers, Inc. National Conference

Conference Schedule and Programs

The following is the current conference schedule. It is subject to change.

The order in which pieces appear for each concert listed does not necessarily reflect the actual order of performance.

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Tuesday, April 14

8 p.m. Auer Hall Indiana University Composition Department Student Recital  

Wednesday, April 15

9-10 a.m.
12-1 p.m.
2:30-3:30 p.m.
7-8 p.m.
Musical Arts Center Lobby Conference Registration  
10 a.m. Simon Music Library
Rooms 263 and 271
Paper Sessions
Jason Haney and Lyn Thornblad Burkett, Chairs
Orlando Legname: Density Degree of Intervals and Chords
David Fuentes: The Universal System of Composing with Beats:
What We All Do
Keith Allan Kramer: The Rudhyar/Crawford Connection of Linear
Prolongation and Proportionality
Robert Peck: Interpretation Through Analysis of Shulamit
Ran's Fantasy Variations for Violoncello
1 p.m. Recital Hall

Chamber Works

Alfred Prinz: Trio
Yang Yong: Twilight In A Cold Gorge
Vera Stanojevic:Chamber Music
Bryan Burkett: A Song and a Dance world premier
David Gompper: Duo for violin and piano
Marc Satterwhite: And What Rough Beast . . . ?
S. M. Clark: Zoological Lexicon
Jerome Miskell: Commercial Timeout
Donald Harris: Pierrot Lieder

Performances by Trio Indiana, Thomas Robertello, the Apolline Winds, student chamber ensembles conducted by Imre Pallo and Dana Collins, and guest performers Andrew Carlson and Eileen Davis

3:30 p.m. Sweeney Hall Video Presentation
Reynold Weidenaar: Magic Music from the Telharmonium
4:15 p.m. Recital Hall

Chamber Works

Judith Lang Zaimont: Dance/Inner Dance
Martin Rokeach: Fantasy on Twelve Strings
John Elmquist: Three Movements for Soprano Saxophone and Piano
Orlando Garcia: recuerdos de otra musica para piano
Laura Hoffman: Not Everyone Agrees
Scott Brickman: Air-Flight
Janice Misurell-Mitchell: On Thin Ice
James Mobberley: Icarus Wept

Performances by Kathryn Lukas, Nicholas Daniel, and Emilio Colon, and guest performers Sally Todd and Keith Benjamin

8 p.m. Musical Arts Center Indiana University Symphony Orchestra
Paul Biss, conductor

Richard Brooks: Seascape
John C. Ross: After a Line by Theodore Roethke
(performed by Maria Williams, soprano)
David Baker:Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra
(Daniel Perantoni, tuba)
Donald Erb: Violin Concerto (Miriam Fried, violin)

Thursday, April 16

8-9 a.m.
2-3 p.m.
7-8 p.m.
Musical Arts Center Lobby Conference Registration  
8:05 a.m. Simon Music Library
Rooms 263 and 267
Paper Sessions
Mark Williams and Lori Wacker, Chairs
Mike Woods:Jazz and Abstract Truth
Mikel Kuehn: The Phenomena of Phonemena: Milton Babbitt's
Work for Soprano and Synthesized Tape
Ulf Grahn: The Rebirth of Symphonic Writing in Sweden
Sam Magrill: The Electric Collection: Preserving Music Made in
Studios that No Longer Exist
9 a.m. Musical Arts Center Lobby Committee on Women and Minorities Meeting
"Celebrating Women in Music: the Goal of the IAWM"
Marshall Bialosky, chair
Deon Nielsen Price, President of the International Alliance for
Women in Music, Guest Speaker
9 a.m. Musical Arts Center Lobby Panel Discussion
"Audio and Music on the Web"
David Gompper, Roger Johnson, Thomas Wells
10:30 a.m. Musical Arts Center Green Room Panel Discussion
"Composer as Performer"
James Chaudoir, Betty Wishart, Douglas Ovens, Michael Kallstrom,
and Nick Demos
10:30 a.m. Musical Arts Center Lobby Electroacoustic Works
Judd Danby: Twelve Can Play at That Game
Mikel Kuehn: . . . remembrances of things past . . .
Tom Lopez: Hollow Ground I
Christopher Preissing:Jeu de l'oie
Bob Sturm: Godcycles
Cleve Scott: Once Mediated Generators
1 p.m. Auer Hall

Chamber Music

Warren Gooch: Out of the Primordial Ocean
Robert Lemay: La Soif du MalI Hommage Orson Welles
Karel Husa:String Quartet No. 3
Samuel Pellman: An Augural Fanfare
John D. White: Levalloisian Skyscraper
Zack Browning: Sole Injection

Performances by The IU Percussion Ensemble (Wilber England, director), The Corigliano Quartet,The IU Brass Choir (Edmund Cord, director), and guest performer Rudolf Haken

3 p.m. Auer Hall

Songs and Vocal Chamber Music

Roger Briggs: Passing Chimes
Alfonso Montecino: Balada
Victor Tecayehuatzin: Kowit Songs
Charles Hoag: Mothers' Day
Fred Cohen: That Which Binds Us
Andrea Clearfield: Love Song
Jonathan Chenette: Prairie Autumn
Anthony Barrese: Possente Spirito
Hayes Biggs: Motets

Performances by Sujean Kim, Angela Jardim, Lisa Williamson, Howard Klug, Charles Webb, Bridget Wintermann, Kathryn Lukas, Joanna Morton, Christina Pier, Kirsten Blase-Heilman, Andrew Hendricks, The Concord Ensemble, and instrumental ensembles conducted by Carmen Tellez, Andrew Dionne, and N. Lincoln Hanks

5 p.m. Musical Arts Center Indiana University Concert Orchestra
David Dzubay, conductor

Paul Siskind: Fantasy Variations on a Fragment by Schoenberg
Andrew Simpson: Petruchio (conducted by Dan Allcott)
David Dzubay: Symphony No. 1
6:00 p.m. Parsifal Room
Musical Arts Center
Meeting of the SCI National Council and Executive Committee  
8:00 p.m. Musical Arts Center

Keynote Speech by Karel Husa

8:30 p.m. Musical Arts Center

Indiana University Symphonic Band
Stephen W. Pratt, conductor

Carlton Macy: Summer Solstice
Don Freund:Perotinitis - A 12th Century Musical Infectio
Lamont Downs:DDA40X

Indiana University Wind Ensemble
Ray E. Cramer, conductor
Richard Willis: Sun Circles
Jack Gallagher: Proteus Rising from the Sea
Karel Husa: Concertino for Piano and Wind Ensemble
(Edward Auer, piano)

Reception for conference registrants following the concert


Friday, April 17

8-9 a.m.
2-3 p.m.
7:00-8:00 p.m.
Musical Arts Center Lobby Conference Registration  
8:10 a.m. Musical Arts Center Parsifal Room Region V Meeting
James Chaudoir, chair
8:10 a.m. Simon Music Library Room 267 National Adjudicating Panel Meeting  
9 a.m. Musical Arts Center Lobby Panel Discussion
"Midi Demos, and Computer Music Production for CD"
Rob Frank, Larry Austin, Roger Johnston
9 a.m. Ford Hall Presentation
McLean Mix: The McLean Mix in Asia - a Multimedia
Exploration of Perspective of New Asian Music and the
McLeans' Four-month Asia Residency
10 a.m. Ford Hall Video Presentation
Burton Beerman: Presentation of Jesus' Daughter,
a Video Opera and demonstration of the BodySynth--
an Alternate Controller to convert movement to MIDI
10:30 a.m. Music Annex
Room 407


Stephen Gryc: Kandinsky: Six Images for Organ
David Vayo:Prayer: In Memoriam Olivier Messiaen

Performances by Chris Young and Jiyoun Hyun

11:45 a.m. Parsifal Room
Musical Arts Center
Meeting of the SCI National Council and Executive Committee  
1 p.m. Auer Hall

Chamber Music

Daniel McCarthy: The Age of Reason
Douglas Ovens: Improvisation #5
Allen Molineux: Lachrymae
Charles Argersinger: Miniatures
Marilyn Shrude: Notturno: In Memoriam Toru Takemitsu
Brian Bevelander: Synthecism #3
Mark Phillips: T. Rex

Performances by the IU Jazz Ensemble (Pat Harbison, director), IU Brass Quintets, Brenda Brenner, Thomas Walsh, and Kenneth Tse and guest performers Douglas Ovens and Andrew Glendening

3 p.m. Auer Hall

Solo and Chamber Music

Jason Bahr: Fantasia on Ubi Caritas
Glenn Gass: Hide-and-Seek
David Taddie: Convergences
David Heuser: 3,127 Notes
Margaret Brouwer: Skyriding
Natasha Bog: Opus Alchymicum North American premier

Performances by Wendy Gillespie, James Campbell, Jethro Marks, and Ann Yeung

5 p.m. Auer Hall Indiana University Chamber Orchestra
Jan Harrington, conductor
Frank LaRocca: Crossing the Rubicon
(conducted by Lynne Diane Morrow)
Alice Ho: Ice Path
Yehuda Yannay: Concertino for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
(performed by Stephen Boe, violin)
Edward J. Miller: Images from the Eye of a Dolphin
6:00 p.m. KAYA Korean-Japanese Restaurant
(1500 East 3rd St.)
SCI Business Meeting (all members invited)  
8 p.m. Auer Hall

Indiana University New Music Ensemble
David Dzubay, director
Dan Alcott, conductor

Howard Yermish: Five Images
Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon: De Tierra
Chan Ka Nin: Par-ci, par-la
Mathew Rosenblum: Nu kuan tzu
Augusta Read Thomas: Spirit Musings world premier

Soloists Diane Coloton, Stephen Ng, Lisa Ensinger, and Sujean Kim

Reception for conference registrants following the concert sponsored by ASCAP.


Saturday, April 18

9-10 a.m. Musical Arts Center Lobby Conference Registration  
9:30 a.m. Auer Hall

Chamber Works

Elliott Schwartz: Reflections
Bruce Taub: Adrian's Dream
Keith Fitch: Dancing the Shadows
Charles Mason: Mirrors, Stones and Cotton
Tucker Robison: Trio for trumpet and two loudspeakers

Performances by the IU Bassoon Ensemble, Kevin McCormick, sextet under the direction of Stephen Burns, and guest performer Sal Percoco

10:30 a.m. Opera Studio,
Musical Arts Center 301
Opera Scenes
Mark Clark, director; Edwin Penhorwood, music director

Michael Kallstrom: I'm Living a Lie from "Ghosts!!"
(guest production)
John Beall: Ethan Frome
Larry Austin: Euphonia 2344
Larry Christiansen: Antigone
Phillip Rhodes: The Magic Pipe
Donna Kelly Eastman: The Mirror
Edwin Penhorwood:Too Many Sopranos
1 p.m. Auer Hall IU University Singers
Jan Harrington, conductor
N. Lincoln Hanks: Dixit Dominus
(Martin Kennedy and Michael Slon, pianos
   Stacey Duggan and Jonathan Wacker, percussion)
Stephen Suber: Soliel

IU Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
Carmen Tellez, conductor
Dorothy Hindman: I Have Heard
Scott Robbins:Sliver Moon
Herbert Bielawa: Rants II
Cary Boyce: Ave Maria

IU International Vocal Ensemble
Mary Goetze, conductor
Brent Michael Davids: Native American Suite
3 p.m. Auer Hall

Solo and Chamber Music

Dan Godfrey: Arietta for cello and piano
Paul Hayden: Guttersnipe
Larry Nelson: The Starry Messenger
Robert Patterson: New Tricks for an Old Doggerel
Morris Rosenzweig: Dialogue in Three Parts
David Kechley: Driveline
Donald Hagar: Sonata "par un beau soir"
Hilary Tann: From the Song of Amergin

Performances by IU faculty Janos Starker, Leonard Hokanson, Kim Walker, Thomas Robertello, Kathryn Lukas, and Shigeo Neriki and guest performers The Ryoanji Duo

5:30 p.m. Indiana Memorial Union
Federal Room
Banquet (reservation and ticket required)  
8 p.m. Musical Arts Center IU Opera

Reservation and ticket required. Tickets ($15) are being held for conference registrants through March 15.

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