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About This Website

SCI Web Team, July 2008

The SCI Web Team, pictured at the right, gathered at the Lewis University Music Technology Lab in July of 2008 to hold a "webathon" and begin coding the reconstruction of societyofcomposers.org.

Pictured from left: Mike McFerron (webmaster), Gerald Warfield (SCI general manager), David Drexler (content producer), Tony Reimer (database engineer), and Matthew McCabe (executive designer).

The site was written to conform to current web standards in XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS1 and 2. Users are encouraged to visit our site with a standards-compliant browser, such as Firefox, Opera, Camino, Konqueror, or Safari. The site was designed in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, and makes use of several web-oriented technologies including PHP, perl, MySQL, Smarty Templates and the javascript library moofx for visual trickery.

Thanks are due to Lewis University for their hospitality, and to Mike McFerron for bringing everyone together and setting us up with computers, monitors, donuts and coffee.

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